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Utmost Reach

Ah, but a man's reach should exceed his grasp, 
Or what's a heaven for?

Robert Browning

Andrea del Sarto

That single sweet apple
that blushes red on a far-off branch,
on the distant edge of the farthest one,
is what the fruit-pickers
have missed.

Or not so much missed:
their arms lacked the length.
οἶον τὸ γλυκύμαλον ἐρεύθεται ἄκρῳ ἐπ' ὔσδῳ,
ἄκρον ἐπ' ἀκροτάτῳ, λελάθοντο δὲ μαλοδρόπηες, 
οὐ μὰν ἐκλελάθοντ', ἀλλ' οὐκ ἐδύναντ' ἐπίκεσθαι

Sappho (fragment LP 105a)